Membership is open to nurses employed in or interested in nursing in the aviation and transport environment. The organisation is managed by a executive of elected members of the organisation. They represent FNA on national forums and liaise with organisations to promote practice and growth of flight nursing.

Our aim is to promote flight nursing, representing the speciality for nursing in the aviation/transport environment and to provide a professional identity and national recognition for flight nurses.

Membership Benefits
  • Annual joint conference held with the Aeromedical Society of Australiasia at which current issues, clinical practice and developments are presented, include discounted rates for FNA members. This conference attaches an international audience and guest speakers.
  • FNA update and information emailed to all members. Members are encouraged to share clinical articles, research or comment on issues that may be of interest to members.
  • Be part of a network of nurses from various organisations that share information and support.
  • Access to interactive website
  • Attend and contribute to Annual General Meeting
Flight Nurses Membership Fees
  • New member: $100 per year (Joining fee and 1 year membership RN)
  • Annual renewal fee:  $80 per year (Renewing FNA full members RN)
  • Associate fee: $40 per year (Under graduate students)
Complete the section below to join as a member or renew your membership. Alternatively,if you would like to pay by direct debit or by cheque please email