Ellie Fitzgerald – Committee Member
RFDS Townsville

I am a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife, and I am currently employed as a Flight Nurse (Midwife) with the RFDS in Townsville. Since 2015 I have been lucky enough to work at four different bases across the beautiful state of Queensland. Prior to this my nursing background was in emergency nursing.

Growing up in rural South Australia, I know about the Royal Flying Doctor Service as they often visited our small town to evacuate people to Adelaide. Later on, I fell into nursing by accident. After spending a couple of years travelling, working and generally having a good time, I found myself at a loose end (and broke) and decided to do nursing because my sister suggested it would be a good way to earn money while I figured out what to do with my life. Little did I know I would eventually work for the organisation that provides a lifeline to our regional and rural communities.

I am passionate about being able to provide such an important service to rural communities, and I do my best to promote the diverse and challenging career of flight nursing to ensure we can continue to provide this valuable service. My professional interests include innovation and continuous improvement, mentoring both students and colleagues and nursing education.

In my spare time I am currently studying a Master of Public Health – Aeromedical Retrieval, and my husband and I enjoy camping and travelling, eating out, walking, reading and playing with our two dogs.